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About Wren Demolition

Wren Demolition and Labour was formed in 1995 by Christopher Wren with the vision to expand the operations and business as it is today. Christopher had a trade background and experience in the field at the time and has since built a business that successfully meets customer needs and enhances consumer confidence.


With over 17 years experience we have developed a high standard of quality service. We create safe work plans and are able to safely and efficiently perform all demolition work.


Why do our customers choose Wren Demolition?

At Wren Demolition and Labour we take a professional approach to Boutique, Professionalism and Reliability. Our staff are experienced and are trained in all aspects of demolition. We take a 'customer-first' mindset that allows us to satisfy our customer needs, time and time again!

Who has Wren Demolition worked with?

Wren Demolition and Labour has worked with a number of well-known organisations and institutions in Australia. Some of them include;

  • 'The Block' - Channel 9

  • Sofitel Melbourne

  • The Press Club

  • The Smith

  • Hellenic Republic

    & many more!